blackjack hand

In blackjack, there are a huge number of hand choices. There are hands that add up to 8 points, but there are also hands that add up to 20 points. However, the most coveted hand is the blackjack hand. Despite its importance and great influence during the game, some beginners manage not to see it. Most often this is due to a lack of knowledge about the game. So here’s an article that will tell you what the blackjack hand is and when it appears in the game.

Meaning and features of blackjack hand

The main task of any player is to inflict a loss on the casino, thereby bringing yourself a profit. To do this, it is necessary to beat the dealer. And how can this happen? This will happen if the player falls or he manages to collect 21 points in some other way. However, it is not uncommon for smaller sums, such as nineteen or even seventeen points, to be enough to win.

But anyway, what is a blackjack hand? A situation where a player in the very first hand is lucky enough to collect a combo valued at 21 points is called a blackjack hand. Suits, in this case, do not play absolutely any role, it all depends solely on the face value of cards. It’s the highest winning combination in the hand, winning 96% of the time. There are rare occasions when a player and the dealer have blackjack at the same time, but even then, the worst outcome for both would be a draw. It’s worth noting that the blackjack hand has an advantage over all other player card combinations when their total is 21.

Types of blackjack hand

The odds of compiling a blackjack hand from the first two cards are far from high. It is statistically calculated that only 4.83% of cases are possible. Although the mathematical odds are not great, there are plenty of ways to make this fantastic combination.


  • Ace and ten

The only blackjack hand that includes a card that has no picture.

  • Ace and Jack

Although the probability of these types of blackjack appearing in the game is the same, practice shows that this hand is the most frequent one.

  • Ace and Queen

Another winning first-hand in blackjack. In this case, as in the others, the ace is valued at 11 points, and the queen at 10. The strange fact is that this particular set of two cards attracts the most players.

  • Ace and King

Here we get to the last kind of hand. It is considered to be the most prestigious, and all because of the king in it. An observational 5-year study at a Las Vegas casino revealed that this set of cards is the most often the dealer gets out of all of the blackjack hands described above.