can you count cards in online blackjack

Since the advent of blackjack, every player has dreamed of being able to learn how to win regularly in this game. To do this, mankind has come up with a huge variety of strategies. Nevertheless, one of the best blackjack tactics is card counting. This method can allow the gambler to gain a substantial edge over the dealer. But we live in the 21st century, the age of technology, and online blackjack is now gaining in popularity. So in this article, we’ll look at the topical question of whether can you count cards in online blackjack.

Why do we need card counting?

Before figuring out if can you count cards in online blackjack, it’s first worth considering what card counting is in general. The tactic consists of keeping track of which cards have already taken part in the game, and which cards still remain. Gambler doesn’t have to be famous mathematician to use card counting. Practice, patience, and a nice memory are the three things that are key to success.

Counting cards is usually a really effective strategy only when there are a few cards in play because only then it is possible to monitor all the cards.

You have probably already guessed that the benefit for the gambler is the presence in the deck of cards with high value, but for the dealer, on the contrary, the more low cards left, the better, and therefore worse for the player. Once a player teaches himself how to follow what cards are dealt, he will begin to succeed in blackjack much more frequently.

Blackjack online card counting technique

After you understand what card counting is, now you can consider whether can you count cards in online blackjack. Unfortunately, because of the constant shuffling of cards, this tactic becomes impossible while playing any kind of blackjack online. The reason is that the cards that took part in the hand immediately get added to the deck and can theoretically take part in the next game. Therefore, the player simply doesn’t have the ability to correctly count cards. In other words, the player is trying to apply the card counting in practice, and the information obtained is invalid for making the right decisions and winning the next game.

Although several live casinos sometimes suggest games without the constant changing of blackjack cards. And how can you count cards in online blackjack in this case? But even now it’s not that simple, because it’s often not announced how many decks are involved in the game, and there’s even no opportunity to clarify under which conditions new cards are added. However, there is a minimum percentage of online casinos where this point is stipulated in the rules. Sometimes the screen of the virtual table may be marked 2 out of 5. This implies that after 2 out of 5 decks are played, the past cards that participated in the game are immediately added, and the count has to be started over again.